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Travindo Mart is the world's leading platform for tours, attractions, and activities. We offer over more destinations around the world and we process hundreds of thousands of bookings every year. Our partner network allows highly qualified re sellers to promote and display our inventory to their audience.

Rich Promotion Tools
Our affiliate team is very experienced, that will help you be able to promotional links, APIs, widgets

High Commission
Only Travindo Mart which can provide up to 5% commission

Daily Payment
No need to wait for months to receive payment, here we will pay you every day

Our promise is simple:
We offer an industry-leading conversion rate on traffic delivered by our partners and implement a fair split on revenues from that traffic.

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Clause 1:

  • These terms and conditions apply to Travindo Mart.

Clause 2:

  • Advertising materials that can be used by Affiliate shall be approved by the Travindo Mart.
  • Affiliate is responsible for placement of advertising materials on the website Travindo Mart.
  • Partners are permitted to place ads Travindo Mart more than one website.
  • The affiliate will get a commission from Travindo Mart which is determined by Travindo Mart.
  • Affiliate is not allowed to promote the service on behalf Travindo Mart.
  • Travindo Mart reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Affiliate prohibited behalf Travindo Mart for affiliate marketing activity.
  • Affiliate advertising is prohibited to use materials other than those provided by Travindo Mart through the platform and modifying advertising materials without the permission of the Travindo Mart.
  • Affiliate itself responsible for the content and affiliate website content and should not be content that violates the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Affiliate will remove creatives Travindo Mart without delay if there is a request from the Travindo Mart.

Clause 3:

  • Service by Travindo Mart after joining Travindo Mart Affiliate Program, he will be given a variety of creative, which will be adjusted periodically in accordance with the products and promos that are applicable.
  • Affiliate may request personally creative, format template, or newsletter of Travindo Mart.
  • Travindo Mart will operate its website with the best services without any disruption and ensure the quality and correctness of the product.
  • Advertising material provided by the affiliate program platform Travindo Mart in the discretion of Travindo Mart.
  • Affiliate program performance Travindo Mart can be accessed by the Affiliate through reports and statistics Affiliate program platform Travindo Mart.
  • Travindo Mart will give a commission which is the result of the booking value that customers do and commissions given after guest checkout of the hotel can be seen in the provisions of magnitude 4

Clause 4:

  • Affiliate Commission Travindo Mart agreed to pay a commission of 5% of sales generated from affiliate traffic.

Clause 5:

  • Affiliate Payments can login to Travindo Mart Affiliate Area to see the commissions earned.
  • Affiliate may withdraw (withdraw) the commissions earned if it has reached IDR. 100,000, -.
  • Delivery process will be conducted by the commission to the Affiliate Travindo Mart for 7 working days.
  • Travindo Mart will cut commission of 2% for payment of taxes.
  • The transfer fee will be borne by the affiliate commission.
  • All commission payments by Travindo Mart will be made through bank transfer.

The provisions 6 (Conditions of Contract and Termination)

  • Travindo Mart reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with the affiliate program and with hold all payments without any reason.
  • Affiliate must remove all forms of advertising materials when Travindo Mart decided to cease cooperation with affiliate

If you have any questions can be shown to